This Machine Kills Fascists

So yesterday (Wednesday) I made a quick stop by the post office to mail my home university parking permit back to the fascists who run that school. Seriously, I’m in France. You’re not going to give that physical permit to anyone else and you’re not going to recycle it, so why must I surrender it to you if you know full well that I’m not using it? Ah, bureaucracy. Ok, stepping off my soapbox now.

L’aprés-midi, I visited the Musée des Beaux Arts in Tours. This museum is housed in what used to be the home of the archbishops, and it’s right by the cathedral. I spent an hour or so in the museum and then I visited the church-both were absolutely beautiful. My host family said that it was an “okay” museum, but nothing to be excited about. Maybe it’s because I never see such things, but I was impressed. Here are some photos-you decide.

The outside of the museum

Part of the garden just outside

Inside the cathedral. I wanted to break out in song.

I grabbed a coffee (français, so that really means it was a shot of espresso) and a macaroon and pretended I was French in a little café by the museum, then I headed home for dinner (leek soup, how French) and a long winter’s nap. 

Today, I slept in until 10 AM because no one else was here, so I didn’t feel the need to do anything. Good thing, too, because there wasn’t much to do. It’s super cold today, so walking around town was not an option for this southern belle. Mathieu came home early and we had a really cool conversation where we spoke both English and French to learn various words from the two countries. His French accent is insane; it’s nearly impossible to understand what he says even when he’s speaking English! 

At dinner, Simon reminded me that tomorrow is le vendredi 13, Friday the thirteenth! Of course, this would be the day that I take my French test. I said, “Oh no! That’s terrible!”, but then I got a pretty great piece of information: In France, Friday the 13th is lucky. Hopefully, my luck will know that it’s been switched to French time and I’ll reap the benefits.



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