Oh, Friday the 13th.

Let’s begin.

I woke up late-not so late that I couldn’t get ready and run to my meeting with my advisor-just late enough to freak out a little when I finally awoke with a start. Then, I got lost.

The university has buildings all over the city, not in one confined campus, so I accidentally went to the wrong place and had to find my way through a few side streets while telling myself not to freak out. Thankfully, my advisor was very understanding when I busted into her office ten minutes late (for me, an eternity), sweating like a pig and saying I was so very sorry.

We went through my courses pretty quickly-I understood most of what was said but I still don’t understand the whole educational system very well. It seems that the first few weeks of school are spent simply deciding if you like the course; if it’s not for you, you can very easily switch schedules. It seems to be a lot more relaxed than registering for classes at my home university.

After that, I rushed to another building and took my test. It truly wasn’t that bad! There were two parts: thirty minutes to listen to four separate stories and answer questions about each, and thirty minutes to write two essays on the prompt “How did you travel to Tours?” and “To learn a new language is to begin a new life-do you agree?”. Easy peasy, right?

The highlight of my day was talking to my mom, and I’m not just saying that because I’m sure she’ll read this. Just to be able to speak English for a little while was a blessing, but it was wonderful to see her and show her the house. Even better, I get to see her and my dad tomorrow on skype! 🙂

After talking in English for an hour, though, coming back downstairs and trying to speak French was terrible! Dinner was difficult; I kept starting sentences in English. What’s worse, there was a very important story for me to hear and I couldn’t quite understand the beginning, but essentially what happened was this:
Simon ran into…something…and broke his glasses and he thought he broke his nose, so the school called Laurent, who (either on the way to pick Simon up or after he had already picked him up) ran a red light, and a cop stopped him and gave him a ticket! They went to the doctor for an x-ray, but Simon’s nose is fine. If that’s not a story for Friday the 13th, I don’t know what is.

After dinner, we watched an old movie (sans Mathieu, who went for a run) called L’aile ou la Cuisse (Wing or Thigh), which was hilarious. The best part, though, was that I understood nearly all of it! I was proud of myself.

Altogether, a little difficult Friday the 13th but still successful. Even though I nearly missed my meeting and Simon nearly broke his nose, we made it through alright. That’s life for ya.


One comment on “Superstition

  1. Rhonda C. says:

    As long as you can keep your sense of humor, you will be fine! So glad you “saw” your mom and will “see” Joe tomorrow. Love your blog–I look forward to learning about family life/university life in France through your eyes.
    Bon nuit!
    (Hope that’s right)

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