Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Today was too dang cold.
I don’t really think of myself as a southern girl, but today, I was praying for Sweet Home Alabama. It’s freezing.

I walked to the mall this morning and bought a few things-the highlights being food and extra socks. Exciting, I know.

Simon and I walked to the local library after lunch-we’ve gotten to where we communicate nearly as well as I do with Laurent and Martine. I just have to remind him to speak a little slower sometimes. If, by the end of my stay here, I can understand him at “top speed”, I’ll know that I can understand anyone. 🙂

Once again, the highlight of my day was getting to hang out with Mom and Dad for a little while. It was so nice to speak English, but even better to see their happy faces! I hope they can plan a visit here soon.

Mathieu and I had a long conversation tonight about his favorite music-almost entirely in English. He asked me to help translate a few songs and teach to him the various pop culture references-it’s incredibly difficult to explain some of those idioms.
For example:
“He got schooled”, “You better buck up”, “He makes a killing”
I did my best! Try to think of how you would explain those things to someone who doesn’t understand them at all, and then how you would explain them in a language you don’t know very well!

After a dinner of some mildly funky sausage (the only food that I haven’t absolutely loved so far), all of us watched Mr. Bean, the 90’s movie based on the British tv series. I understood most of it! It’s a kids’ movie, but I was still proud.

Tonight, there was one small difference that made a big impression on me. When Mathieu and Simon went to bed, they kissed my cheeks (exactly how the French do in every movie you’ve ever seen) just like they do to their parents and each other every night. I guess this means I’m part of the family now? Très cool.

Oh, and here are some pictures from the bakery right by my house-just for fun.

Just your average little bakery.

If I get fat, this is the evidence for why.


One comment on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Mom says:

    Yum! I wish they delivered.
    Love you! Mom

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