Worry, Worry

Today was a great day to sit around and worry about the fact that I’m about to start classes at a university where I don’t know the native language.

Seriously, who decided this was a good idea? I’d much rather just hang out and not go to school. I think I’d learn just as much, maybe more, and there wouldn’t be the possibility of FAILING.

Oh well, too late now. I guess I gotta go.

I walked around today for a little bit because I tried to go get my student I.D. card but it still wasn’t ready (gotta love the French bureaucracy) so I just wandered. I found the glorious H&M, where I would have liked to buy lots of cheap clothes but I restrained myself, mainly because I was wearing my tall boots and I didn’t want to have to take them off to try on things.

After returning chez moi, I got to talk with my wonderful grandfather (not that the other one isn’t wonderful, too) for a little bit. Skype, in case you haven’t heard, is possibly the best thing that the internet has given us so far. I plan on using it quite a bit here.

After a little bit more wallowing about the fact that I need to learn how to speak French by tomorrow morning, Simon came home and we played cards. That boy is so much fun. I think I would have been a good middle sister.

It turns out that even the French eat Chinese food. For dinner, Martine bought a platter of prepared Chinese fingerfood (egg rolls, rangoons, etc.) which we heated up in the oven, and made rice to go with it. An interesting take on it, but still delicious. I think this week will be a good time to make shrimp and grits or maybe another American dish to show them how we do things down south.

Wish me luck at school tomorrow!


One comment on “Worry, Worry

  1. Rhonda says:

    Luck to you tomorrow and lots of love–you will be magnufique! (THat is either a french word or a french word wannabee)

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