Mark Me Absent

Well, I missed my bus.
The 9B bus comes by my house at exactly 8:03 AM. I got out there at 8:04. Darn shoe wouldn’t go over my huge socks fast enough.
Not fair.
I ran around like a crazy person trying to find another line to get on until I finally managed to make it to school. Whew. Nothing like an early morning run in 30 degree weather to feel like you really messed up.

My first class today was an English translation course-we’ll be translating English literature into French. It’s only for international students, so I met a lot of British and Canadian people in there. Everyone seemed very friendly, but also very very good at translating some pretty obscure words. I followed along, but it was definitely harder than most things I’ve done so far. It’s one thing to go from one language to your native tongue, but the other way around is much harder to catch on to.

After that, I had a meeting with the other French-as-a-second-language students, from here on out referred to as CUEFEE students. The director called out our grades from our test to the whole class! I was so not prepared for that, but thank goodness I did alright and have now been put into the “B2” level of fluency. The European scale for determining language fluency begins at level A1 and ends with native speakers at C2, so I’m pretty much right in the middle. Fine by me.

We signed up for classes at the CUEFEE-I’ll be taking a grammar course and a history course about the chateaux and countryside nearby. How neat is that? I’m excited to learn about a place that I’m currently in-I haven’t done that since 4th grade’s Alabama History class with Mrs. Christmas. Field trip, anyone?

This afternoon, Simon and I had our first English lesson. I’m no teacher, but he’s very bright and managed to learn family words (mother, father, sister, brother, etc.) even with my many mistakes along the way. For now, I think I’ll stick with teaching him a few nouns per day and concentrate on correct pronunciation so he has a good grounding when he begins English at school next year. Mathieu and I frequently speak in English and he knows a lot of vocabulary, but it doesn’t do him any good because I still can’t understand his accent. We’ll work on it.

Dinner tonight was raclette-a very strong cheese that you melt over a little George Foreman grill and pour on potatoes, bread, or ham. I’ve had it before and loved it, but it might be a bit too fresh for certain people who are strictly cheddar fans…ahem…Dad…ahem…

Tomorrow, I’ll have three classes and then my tutoring session with Mathieu. For now, I only have classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! I think I’ll like having three busy days and then a four-day weekend to travel or simply enjoy Tours. I’ve never had a schedule like this before, but it’ll be nice for a little while.

For now, I’m headed to bed. I hope tomorrow’s classes go well, but now that I made it through the first day, I’m not nearly as worried as I was. Tout va bien.


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