Short Skirt/Long Jacket

There is a uniform in France for each age group. I’ve decided that deviating from this uniform must result in some sort of fine because it is nearly always followed exactly.

Women under the age of 30:
Black, grey, or camel wool coat/puffer jacket with skinny jeans or leggings tucked into high-heeled boots or ballet flats with a monstrous scarf covering at least half the face. Very long, brown hair either completely down or worn in a high bun; no makeup. Must carry a large leather purse with no visible label.

Women above 30:
Any color wool coat with boot-cut jeans or slacks covering slip-on shoes and a bright pashmina scarf with matching hat. Short hair; perhaps some lipstick. Carries a small purse and a rolling grocery bag.

Men under the age of 50:
Black leather bomber jacket/puffer jacket with jeans or sweatpants and designer sneakers with a dark scarf and headphones plugged into a non-Apple mp3 player. Very very short hair, gelled up in the front. Carries a messenger bag or designer satchel.

Men above 50:
Dark green or camel wool coat with corduroy pants and dress shoes and a newsboy cap or beret. No hair to speak of. Carries a grocery bag and a newspaper.

Pictures to come when I get the courage to sneakily snap photos of strangers!!


One comment on “Short Skirt/Long Jacket

  1. Bill says:

    I guess that makes me “above 50”. Wish I could dress like that every day.

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