Lazy Sunday

This weekend was largely uneventful, so I’ll just post the highlights:

-I am almost used to kissing people on each cheek every time I see them, but sometimes I still accidentally headbutt them. This can occasionally result in awkward moments.

-I watched this video: of our nation’s president singing Al Green with Martine, and she absolutely died. She got really excited and started fawning over how handsome Obama is, much to Laurent’s dismay. She might be in love.

-I got to speak to my grandparents today via Skype. It’s marvelous to be able to speak with loved ones when you’re far away. As both my grandfathers have said, they didn’t have anything like that during The War. The wonders of modern technology! I think I’m going to buy stock, I use it so much.

-Mathieu told me, and I quote, “You arrr betta already zan you werrr last wick.” If that’s not positive affirmation of my French skills, I don’t know what is.

-I tried paté today. Paté is possibly the most French of all French foods, and is a spread made from the ground-up meat and fat of whatever animal you choose. Tonight, it was rabbit. Actually not that bad if taken in very small bites.

not my picture-google image

Cold, grey, and rainy here, but I think I’m warming up to France! *cue drums*


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