The Resolution

I made a new resolution this week. During my time in France, I’m going to make it a point to experience one new cultural thing in Tours each week, and one new cultural thing outside of the city each month. Of course, everyday I’m bombarded with new cultural experiences, but this will be a specific outing solely for the purpose of discovering something new. They can be school events, museums, concerts, plays-anything that is an official activity.

Because I’m off on Mondays and Fridays, I thought I’d probably complete most of my resolution on those days and the weekend, but it turns out that many places have limited hours on Mondays. No problem, I’ll just get most of my major activities in on Friday and save Mondays for aimless wandering.

Today, my wandering included these sights:

A look across the cold Loire river from the school's balcony

Carousels and Cathedrals

The same cathedral, up close. It was closed today but I'll return!

The main train station, and my bus pulling up at just the right moment.


2 comments on “The Resolution

  1. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    Love the photos. The juxtaposition of the carousel and cathedral was truly inspired. I admire you for pushing yourself to experience as much as you can while you are in France.

  2. Mom says:

    Wow. Beautiful photos. I wonder how old that carousel is? So pretty.

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