Today, I wandered around town and found a pretty cool museum exposition inside the Château de Tours, a castle built in the 11th century that’s now used exclusively for modern art. This month, the expo is a collection of photographs taken during France’s reconstruction after the second World War. Experimental building techniques were used to create prefab houses and monstrous apartment buildings, and the workers made sure to document every step of the process.
I wasn’t allowed to take pictures inside, but I got a shot of the original tower of the castle:

Clearly medieval-this is no Cinderella's Castle!

I also made the acquaintance of Fritz, an actual (now deceased) elephant who was touring France in the Barnum and Bailey circus in 1902 when he suddenly went on a rampage and had to be put down. 😦 Clearly, the next logical action was to stuff him and put him in a museum.
Poor Fritz.

Sorry for the poor quality; he's stuck behind glass.

This evening, Martine, Laurent, and I went to see a play, Le Roman d’un Trader (The Novel of a Trader). I didn’t understand much, but it was essentially about the horrors of working as a stock trader and trying to be a good person at the same time.
Lots of technical words, lots of expressions I didn’t know, but I got the basic idea. I could say that about most things that happen here.


2 comments on “Wandering

  1. I saw a similar elephant in Kassel, Germany. He was doing a show in town, went on rampage and fell down a cliff! 😦 Elephants in Europe just don’t have much luck.

  2. Mom says:

    I like the picture of the tower. It looks like something Rapunzel should be hanging her hair out of.

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