Another Song About The Weekend

Highlights from today:

-Getting my very own big-girl library card. Having now received four different library cards in my lifetime (that I can remember), you’d think I’d be less excited about this. It even came with an eco-friendly sack to carry my books! I’m sorry, I know that’s really nerdy, but I just love books. Pictures to follow soon.

-Catching my parents up on the grapefruit debacle. Maybe by the time I leave France I’ll have gained some knowledge about cooking.

-Eating the final galette of the season! Each January, francophones everywhere buy galettes (puff pastry cakes with sweet filling) and eat them in honor of the Epiphany. Inside each cake is a tiny ceramic figurine called une fève. Whoever finds la fève in their slice is named the roi for the day. Sound familiar? This is where King Cakes during Mardi Gras come from. Too bad we just get creepy plastic babies instead of super cool collectibles.

Laurent makes the first slice!

Until tomorrow! Toi, toi, toi!


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