Pierre et le Loup

Self-explanatory photos from today’s market trip with Martine:

poireaux, or leeks.

piles and piles of fruits!

Beautiful flowers for sale. Pretty sure this is a camellia, right Mom?

This afternoon, the whole family crowded into the car to drive to the Abbeye Royale de Fontevraud, an ancient abbey that’s now an event venue about an hour away. We watched a short animated film called “Pierre et le Loup” (Peter and the Wolf) while a live orchestra played the classic music by Prokofiev. It was really neat to see an image to go along with the music that’s been around forever.

Short Music History lesson:
Russian composer Prokofiev wrote “Peter and the Wolf” as a children’s story. The music is normally accompanied by a narrator telling the tale of how young Peter leaves the safety of his home only to be cornered by a hungry wolf. In the end, Peter traps the wolf and takes it to a zoo unharmed. All of the instruments play a different role in the story; the oboe, of course, is a duck, the strings are Peter, etc. It helps children learn to identify the different instruments while hearing a pretty exciting story.

After the concert, we wandered around the abbey for a little bit and then headed home. I made shrimp and grits for supper-the family thought they were a bit bizarre but good. Maybe when it warms up I’ll grill out hot dogs and hamburgers.

I sat on top of a little hill by the abbey for a while.

Here come the brothers!


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