Snow (Hey Oh)

I had grand plans of going to the grocery store and buying school supplies today. Instead, I became a temporary hermit.

It was actually quite nice.

The snow started falling around 11 AM and didn’t end until 8 PM. I grabbed a mug of hot tea and decided to make a day of reading my John Grisham novel and watching Once Upon A Time. At periodic intervals I got up, peered out the window, refilled my mug, and curled back up. What a glorious day.

As the first flakes fell. Quick snap outside my window!

When Simon came home from school, I tried to convince him to come outside and play in the snow, but he just looked at me like I was crazy for being excited about the mess. I compromised and decided to make Snow Cream. Snow Cream is an ancient family recipe that is very complicated and sought after by the most ambitious of New York chefs, but I will exclusively release the recipe here for a short time:

Snow Cream
some Snow
bit o’Milk
bunches of Sugar
Vanilla Extract (optional)

Go get some snow. You’re gonna need at least twice the amount that you think you want to eat. Pour in some milk. Dump a bunch of sugar on top and stir it around. Add an eensy bit of vanilla extract if you’ve got it. If not, it’s whatever. After you’re done stirring, eat it quickly. It’s good if the sugar is still kind of gritty.

There you have it, everyone. I found our Snow Cream to be fabulous; Simon just humored the crazy American girl. Whatever. I was ecstatic.

Unfortunately, tomorrow I’ll have to venture outside to go to classes. There’s a chance that the buses won’t run; if that’s the case, I’ll be up a creek. We’ll see how it goes!

Around 6 PM. The sky and ground were pure white.


4 comments on “Snow (Hey Oh)

  1. Bill says:

    Grisham? Tsk, tsk. (Law fetish I guess)

  2. Evan says:

    It needs to snow around here again. It’s been ages since I had Snow Ice Cream. 😦

  3. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    THe French do not make snow cream????Mon dieu! Sounds lovely!

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