Easy to be Hard

After thinking things over last night, I realized that I really do have a better deal than most other exchange students, and I shouldn’t be moping. I get to be part of a wonderful family that provides me with an instant cultural connection to France. Every day, I’m immersed in French living, and that’s better than having mindless chats with classmates in the hall.

I’m here to learn the language and culture of France-not to speak English constantly with the other North American students. While it would be wonderful to have a large, understanding support system here like I do at home, I’m content to have one or two friends. The rest of the time, I can hang out with my host family and engage in what I’m really here to do.

This isn’t a vacation; it’s an opportunity to learn in a place that just happens to be incredibly beautiful and exciting. It won’t always be easy, and that’s fine. I didn’t sign up for easy.


4 comments on “Easy to be Hard

  1. D Williams says:

    Ah, tu as le mal du pays, mais ne t’inquiète pas! C’est normal. Tiens le coup, ça vaut la peine… tu auras des souvenirs sans prix pour les années à venir!

    Tu te trouves face à un défi, mais tu vas y bien réussir, je n’en ai pas le moindre doute! Tu as pris la bonne décision! Bon courage!

  2. Brenda says:

    Ok, Girlfriend….the girls are jealous of your beauty, wit, charm, talent and intelligence. The guys are saying, “what the f…..!!!, what do I have to offer a gal with all that beauty, wit, charm, talent and intelligence?”
    I would suggest you play it down some…but….that would be hard for you since you have been showing all these attributes since you were THREE YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!

    Love you…and so proud of you…
    And, your photographs are beautiful…

    Hint….Photos framed….Christmas presents…the One of “The Brothers” I especially liked…

  3. Kara says:

    There ya go! Don’t get down, use it as a tool to find yourself as well. Coming from someone who spends a good deal of time alone with her thoughts these days, it’s not a bad place to be. You are definitely one of the most social people I know, so it might take some adjusting to, but seven months of really getting inside your own head and doing some reflective thinking might be really great in the long run, not to mention you will appreciate the endless chatter of your friends when you get back home so much more. Keep loving life – I’m so jealous of the beautiful countryside you have. I feel my soul being sucked dry by the constant oppression of skyscrapers more everyday.

  4. Mom says:

    I am always proud of you. More than usual right now. Smart and mature thinking. Ooolala

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