Small Talk

After such a crazy weekend, today didn’t seem quite so busy.
Because the snow is mostly melted now, it’s much warmer and easier to get around town, which made going to classes from 9 AM to 8 PM a little better.
I had my first test in my translation class; it wasn’t too terrible. I know I aced the grammar section! (Merci, Madame, for all those lessons on conditionnel and plus-que-parfait.) The rest of my classes were the usual lectures.
Even though I’ve settled into my class schedule now, I’m still a bit shocked by the way that the French university classroom is run. Students chat at full volume while the professor ignores everyone and drones on. Honestly, I think the students could riot and most teachers would continue reading off their notes. American students certainly whisper occasionally during class, but at least we try to hide it from the teacher! As a person who generally shows respect to all teachers, even if I’m not particularly interested in the subject, it’s difficult to sit through class while students blatantly disregard lecture notes, handouts, and homework assignments. I guess they’ll pay attention come exam time, but for now it seems a bit odd.
Other highlights of the day included buying a crêpe sucrée at the Valentine’s Day bake sale and being able to walk like a normal 20-year-old on the sidewalks now that the ice is gone! Oh, Happy Day.


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