Minor Things

With the weather at about 41 degrees Fahrenheit today, I was happy to walk around the flower market on the way to classes and spend some time outside. Everything is better when your hands and feet aren’t numb!

Today I had my first class on Châteaux and the Loire Valley. Rather than focusing on the history of the region, it seems like the course is going to be centered on the aesthetics and architecture of the castles. That’s fine by me! The teacher really seems to know her stuff and I’m glad to have another class with a lot of discussion time in French. This brings my final courseload to eight classes-five in French, two in English, and one that’s divided equally into French and English units.

I wish I knew what dinner was tonight! After an endive salad with blue cheese, we ate some sort of pasta that may have been made from potatoes and looked vaguely like worms. I didn’t question it, and it tasted delicious. I’ll try to verify exactly what it may have been tomorrow. I’m already excited about dinner tomorrow night-I’ve been informed that it will be croque-monsieurs!

Here are some more photos from Paris, taken by Kaia.

Happy to have a nutella and banana crêpe!

Another view of Notre Dame.

La Tour Eiffel and I get along pretty well.


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