Killing Time

While I do love having four-day weekends, it means quite a bit of downtime when I’m not traveling. Today I read, studied for tomorrow’s British History test, watched an episode of Once Upon A Time (which is only the best new tv show in the world), and took a very long walk all before lunchtime. I need to get back into the groove of visiting museums and other tourist sites in Tours; there’s still so much to be seen but I haven’t done much in the past few weeks. I told myself I was going to visit a different place each week, but I’ve dropped the ball on that a little bit. I’ll get back into it this week!

I also planned part of my upcoming vacation time today! My good friend from back home, Teresa, is currently studying in Italy. The two of us are going to meet in Amsterdam for the weekend from March 1st-5th. I’m super excited to see her and a new country! I’ve never been to The Netherlands; I’m pumped to experience the Dutch culture. We’ll probably be speaking more English than French that weekend-I think Amsterdam is very anglicized. Oh well, that means it’ll be an easy break without much work! Anyone have any suggestions for places to visit while in the city?


4 comments on “Killing Time

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, but here is a tip that I will try to make as non-incriminatory as possible. You need to be entirely…sober to visit the Anne Frank museum. The Heinekin factory and Van Gough museum not so much.

  2. Erin says:

    Amsterdam: Van Gough Museum and Anne Frank Museum. Heinekin factory if you have time (it is more like an amusement park than a factory tour, and you get a beer and a glass for free).

  3. C. Reinecker says:

    Dear Kaycee,

    I’ve so enjoyed reading your blog and hearing about your experiences…..and discussing with your Mom and Dad at Choir practices. The Anne Frank Museum/House is a must see. Also a walk through the Red Light District can be interesting and fun.

    Enjoy and be safe. Craig


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