After my morning English lessons with the boys, I went exploring. It was sunny and about 48 degrees here today-absolutely perfect. It seemed like the whole world was outside enjoying the weather.

Le Musée de Compagnonnage is a small but packed museum all about the different artisan guilds of the region, including the Freemasons. To become a member of one of the elite guilds, an artisan had to create a grand chef d’oeuvre (a final representation of one’s life work) as an application. The museum holds the best works of various guild members in France: intricately carved wooden sandals by shoemakers, grand staircases by carpenters, elaborate costumes by tailors, and miniature replicas of nearly every major European monument by architects and pastry chefs alike. Here are a few of my favorites:

This ironwork gate took fourteen years to complete and is only four feet wide.

These plaster creations reminded me of casts my granddad used to make of my hands. He could have been a guild member!

Just a violin? Think again: this life-size instrument is made entirely of sugar.

Laurent had told me to hit up the chocolatier just next door to the museum when I finished, so I, of course, heeded his advice. I bought a tarte aux citron pralines (lemon tart with pralines on the bottom), which was possibly the second-best dessert of my life after dobash cake from Pollman’s Bakery in Mobile, Alabama. Seriously, I could not get over how delicious it was. I will have to find a similar recipe!

Oh, so very good. I can only hope that they ship worldwide.

After dinner, we watched The Day After Tomorrow, a Hollywood blockbuster from 2004 that actually worked out pretty well en français. It’s all about a massive climate change that causes insane weather patterns all over the northern hemisphere. As a person who’s lived through several hurricanes and a few tornadoes, the film hit a little close to home, but was still amazingly well filmed with unbelievable special effects. If you haven’t recently been involved in a natural disaster, I’d recommend it (in whatever language you prefer)!


2 comments on “Perfect

  1. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    I echo Lara Beth about your photos–you are becoming quite a photographer! Perhaps food styling is in your future?? YUM!

  2. Lara says:

    You were in a blizzard too but you don’t remember that. Once again your photos are beautiful. I wish I could taste the tart.
    Love, Mom

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