Communication Breakdown

Another warm Spring day meant doing laundry (since, of course, clothes dry much faster in the sun than on cold, grey days) and walking to the library for my weekly book swap! I’ve settled into a nice little routine.

I did all my homework for the week outside on the patio-I strongly recommend doing all less-than-fun activities while sun bathing and drinking raspberry tea. It makes even the most daunting of tasks a little easier.

The absolute highlight of my day (week/month) was getting to talk to my oldest and best friend. It’s amazing how little effect time and distance can have on a true friendship. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart and it’s been months since we last got to talk, all it takes is one Skype call to get us right back on the same page. I’m lucky to have a a person like that in my life.
I’m not a great long-distance communicator and I’m pretty terrible with keeping up with people. I’ve remained friends with exactly two people from high school and generally become a hermit when I’m home from my university during breaks, but thankfully, things always manage to pick up where they left off. I can only hope that I’ll continue to be so lucky when I get back from this journey!


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