She Reads Me Like A Book

Alas, the cold has returned.
We can only hope that this is the last cold spell before Spring is here to stay, but empty wishes didn’t help the fact that it hardly got over forty degrees today.

I set out on my daily walk bundled in the red wool coat that I had thought would no longer be necessary and made the usual rounds through the neighborhood. Upon returning home, I decided the rest of the day would be much better spent with a cup of hot tea and George Orwell’s 1984, and boy, was I right. Reading (in English) has always been a comfort to me, but it’s become even more so here, because it’s a solid stretch of time in which I can take a break from translating.

For dinner tonight, we had a decidedly un-French (not a word) meal of chilled couscous with chopped red and green peppers, onions, and quality sausage thrown in. One of my favorite meals so far, if only because it made me anxious for summer! Terribly easy to make and absolutely yummy. I’m sure I’ll be able to recreate it when I get back.

Back to school tomorrow; it seems like such a long time since last Thursday! Four-day weekends make it even harder to go back to classes during the week.


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