Tour Highlights

Some highlights from today’s adventures:

-Having the time to enjoy some tea at a cozy little shop near school with a friend. I had the “Thé Gourmand”, a combination of a pot of the tea of your choice and three mini tastes of the shop’s most popular desserts. One tiny dish of apple-rhubarb crumble, a shot glass worth of cheesecake-consistency yogurt with raspberry syrup, and a bite-size morsel of rich chocolate cake later, and I was in heaven. I’ll definitely be visiting the place again, and next time I’ll take pictures!

-Hanging out with some classmates to study, drink coffee, and complain about the fact that we have no idea how final exams are supposed to work here, or how we’ll be otherwise assessed at the end of the year. There’s only one month of school left; inquiring minds need to know!

-Seeing a familiar yellow box on the counter at dinner time. As soon as I read “Old El Paso” on the label, I knew that our meal was going to be amazing. Sure enough, French-American-Mexican food as almost as good as the American-Mexican food I’m used to. Albeit, we ate our burritos with a fork and knife, but it was still close enough to stave off the craving for a few more weeks!


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