Day Tripper

Even the most boring of field trips can be made better with a bit of sunshine and a good lunch.
All the international students were invited to take part in a day trip to the château Chinon and the Abbaye Royale de Fontevraud-even though I’ve already been to both places, I figured it would be nice to go on an official guided tour and spend the day with friends. It turns out that guided tours rarely make that much of a difference from just reading the regular pamphlet, but it was still fun!

We started out at Chinon, which you can read about in slightly more detail in this earlier post. We walked in and out of the cool, dark towers to blazing sunshine and heat outside-quite an strange feeling. Even though I’d seen the ins and outs of the castle before, it was neat to see it from our teacher’s really excited perspective.

We had a nice long break for lunch, so several of the girls went to a restaurant right by the château for omelettes and french fries. It was a delicious meal, but best of all was the hot sun beating down on our backs. Time to buy some French sunscreen! We lounged around outside until the monster charter bus came back to pick us up and take us to the Abbey (previous post here), where we trudged around in the wake of a tour guide who was convinced that none of us actually spoke French. This led to her repeating everything she said at least twice and then translating it into English. Oh well, at least it was pretty outside.

One bumpy bus ride back to Tours and we were ready for drinks and dessert on the downtown sidewalks. As I enjoyed my glass of red to the sounds of a brass band playing in the streets and Frenchies talking all around me, I decided it was a lovely day, after all.

The usual crowd hanging around the Hotel de Ville.


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