Here’s something I’m sure you’ll find in any French cookbook:

Cheer-Up Recipe
(serves one weekend’s worth)

1 strong wifi connection
3 Project Runway reruns (optional; can also add Scrubs or Glee to taste)
26 pages’ worth of a new coloring book
dash of crayon shavings
2 good walking shoes
1 solid French vocabulary
3 heaping spoonfuls of patience for the French bureaucracy
1 plate full of spinach and apple salad

Mix first 4 ingredients together early in the morning. Allow to chill for a few hours, then check to see if bad mood has begun to lift. If mood has not lifted, continue to marinate at thirty minute intervals until ready. Set aside.
When first mixture is prepared, put on walking shoes and blend next 2 ingredients while on the bus. Make your hotel reservations (using any recipe that works for you) and return home.
Eat that delicious dinner (add yogurt and cheese course as usual) and return to first mixture. By now, your marinade should be fully incorporated and you should feel much better about your life.
Serve warm, with mini Reese’s to garnish.

because how could this picture not make you feel better?


2 comments on “Cookin’

  1. Rhonda says:

    I love new recipes, especially one like this!
    Love the Easter coloring book page….happy Easter!

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