Carry That Weight, or I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

Today was a rainy, cold, yucky day. Thankfully, a coffee date this morning with a French buddy and lunch with some other exchange students made it a lot better.
I’ve just realized that I can (and do) divide my daily schedule into the categories of “about to eat”, “currently eating”, and “just finished eating”, and I’m perfectly okay with that.

Google image, of course.

As I tell the other exchange girls whenever they moan about gaining weight here in France, Study Abroad is really the only completely socially acceptable time to gain weight. Really, who’s going to judge me for profiting from the plethora of pastries, bread, quiches, crêpes, and the other fabulously fattening French foods all around me? Only someone who’s jealous they’re not getting to eat such wonderful cuisine themselves, that’s who.
So who minds if I pick up a few extra kilos here and there? My suitcase is getting over the airline weight limit from all the souvenirs I’ve bought, so I’ll just consider my new jiggles to be souvenirs, too. I just hope I can unpack them as easily as my suitcase when I get back!


One comment on “Carry That Weight, or I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

  1. Lara says:

    Too funny. Yes, I am jealous.
    Love, Mom

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