TV Party

With my last exam behind me and my notebooks packed away in the closet, I’m done with school for the semester, and with my formal education in France! I must admit, it’s not nearly as much of a relief to be done with work when you didn’t really have that much work to begin with, but I imagine this summer vacation will still be quite nice.

Because the boys are on their two-week Spring Break now, we stayed up late last night watching a movie, and did the same after our crêpe dinner tonight. Cramming into the TV room to watch French films with my host family always makes me think of my own family and our late-night Law and Order marathons, and how much I’d love to be back in middle school with no major life decisions to make other than to watch the episode on TNT where Mariska Hargitay’s hair is long or the one on NBC when she’s sporting a pixie. Those were the days.

This week, I’m planning a short trip to Normandy to see the D-Day beaches and memorials. Details and pictures to come soon!


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