Welcome To My Family

One of the best moments of having my parents come to Europe was getting to introduce them to my host family. We arrived in Tours with just enough time to drop their bags off at the hotel downtown and then head to the ‘burbs to meet the fam and enjoy an evening of French food and conversation. I was concerned about having to translate for the two groups all night, but everything went off without a hitch, largely due to the fact that my host family’s been majorly downplaying their English abilities. Surprise, surprise.

Anyway, I was tickled to get to show my parents what I’ve been up to for the past few months and give my host family a little insight into where I come from. I think they were a little shocked to see how much louder I got with my parents around! It’s so easy to become a “quiet” person when you don’t speak the language; you may have a story to tell, but because you can’t express it easily, you sometimes choose not to speak at all. Switching back to English made my muchness come back with a vengeance.
It was a great few days. There’s not a ton of touristy stuff to see within the city limits of Tours, but I took my parents to see one of France’s most famous châteaux, Chenonceau, and we had a great time walking the grounds. I’m always amazed when I realize that these beautiful places are a short train ride away from my home. Check out some of the pictures from our little daytrip!

After Chenonceau, it was time to put my parents on the train toward Paris and the USA. I miss them already, but I’ll be back in the States in less than a month and it will be a lovely reunion!


One comment on “Welcome To My Family

  1. Lara says:

    You were a wonderful tour guide for the entire trip. It is quite an interesting reversal of roles to see you child in charge, guiding you. Love the picture of you and your Dad!

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