As someone smarter than me once said, “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” It’s been exactly two weeks since my return to the United States, and I’m beginning to adjust back to American life.
I’m proud to say I fully unpacked and organized my bags within just a few days of arriving home, but unloading all of my thoughts and ideas from the past six months will take a little more time. For now, I can simply say that my study abroad experience was one of the most exciting and educational times of my life thus far, and I can’t wait to return to France to see my family and friends as soon as I possibly can! I will spend the rest of the summer reflecting on some memories from my time in France and writing about them as I see fit.

After classes begin in the Fall, I will continue writing this blog, but my posts will likely be much fewer and farther between than my European updates were. The plan (for now) is to continue with a travel/world cultures theme, but you can bet that irrelevant ramblings will happen from time to time.

I’ll end this post in the same way I ended my time abroad-not by saying “goodbye”, but by saying “until next time”.
À la prochaine!


One comment on “Reflection

  1. Rhonda Cat says:

    I am happy to hear you plan to continue this blog. I look forward to more!

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