I must have brought the warm weather with me…

I was invited by my colleague Anne to eat chez elle for Sunday lunch, and I had a wonderful time!

Anne’s family and I had a lovely meal of ratatouille avec sa croûte, Japanese cheese made with wasabi (surprisingly delicious), and tarte aux framboises in the sunshine on their patio, and spent the afternoon chatting and playing music. Yep, amazingly enough, they even have a violin they let me borrow while we jammed to Irish reels and Joan Baez tunes. Who would’ve thought I’d ever hear Cripple Creek and Swallowtail Jig played on the accordion by a Frenchman?

We took a lovely walk by the neighborhood chateau (man, I love France) and rounded out the afternoon playing card games with the children. The only problem of the day? I forgot my camera. It would have been great to record the beautiful countryside and the smiles on the kids’ faces.

I’d love to smack some sense into the person who came up with the horrible rumor that French people are unfriendly.


2 comments on “I must have brought the warm weather with me…

  1. Rhonda says:

    Jim and I are so glad to know all is well! Looking forward to photos.

  2. lhamby9415@aol.com says:

    chez ellie–sounds great. I assume you have to wring its neck and skin it before cooking. Your Mom and I may go back to Church tonight and it is “sweets” afterward. Glad you got access to a violin and bet all were surprised how well you play. All 4 of us are doing well here and the sisters even get out on their own at times. Enjoy yourself but we’ll all be glad to see you get back home. Maybe your Dad will be up next weekend–your Mom said something about it but you know how I forget these days. LOL She is napping at present and the sisters are dozing in the chair next to me in the TV room. As to the French and friendliness–I suspect it is with whom they are talking. Love Poppy

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