Embracing My Inner Julia Child

I’ve never been much of a cook, mainly because I’ve never tried. The only times I’ve ever cooked much more than eggs or quesadillas have been for “special occasions”, for which I went to the grocery store, bought the items I needed for that one meal, and spent all afternoon preparing for my guests. Because cooking has always been a very rare event, I’ve never become comfortable with the idea of it. Just ask my parents, who I still sometimes ask to take things out of the oven for me because I’m scared I’ll burn myself. (not kidding)

Now that I’m living on my own, with an adorable kitchen that I actually like and ample time in the evenings, I’m really enjoying learning to cook. Of course, by “cook” I mean chopping up assorted vegetables and either roasting them on a cookie sheet or stir-frying them, but hey, I just told you I’m a beginner here. Luckily for me, my weekday lunches all take place at the delicious school cafeteria, which incidentally warrants its own post, so I’m only preparing breakfast and dinner in my apartment. Breakfast is something that most people do while still half asleep and without fine motor skills, so even I can manage it with some grace. So, for logic’s sake, I’ll mostly just be cooking dinner fare.

Having just spent the past hour divining inspiration from my Pinterest “Noms” board, I now have a massive thorough shopping list that will allow me to begin my own culinary education. No, this blog won’t turn into the Julie/Julia Project, mainly because I’m far too lazy and cooking one’s way through an entire French cookbook has already been done, but I will make an effort to learn the basics.

My goals are:

1. Cook dinner at home the vast majority of time (I’m shooting for only 2 or 3 dinners out per month when in town for financial and health reasons, anyway).

2. Cook food that is vegetarian and “healthy” (at least one vegetable and one fruit serving per meal, with very few prepared or processed ingredients).

3. Choose produce that is in season and inexpensive, and don’t let it go bad.

4. Learn to cook multiple dishes and have them all be ready at the same time.

5. Make one brand-new recipe per week, and try one new cooking technique per week.


What do you veteran cooks think? We’ll see if I can learn to be a Holly Homemaker. Obviously, it’s not overly complicated or ambitious, but if I can learn to plan meals ahead of time and cook them without a fuss, I’ll be happy.

As the great Julia would say,

Bon appétit!


4 comments on “Embracing My Inner Julia Child

  1. MaryBeth says:

    Kaycee, this is MaryBeth. Put me on your email list! Try roasting asparagus. Fresh asparagus on a roasting pan, coat with olive oil and roast in hot oven for 10 minutes or so(450) Any of these roast vegetables on good pasta with goat cheese or parmesan cheese and hot pepper flakes. This also works with green beans. Put the pan in while pre- heating the oven then put the oiled green beans(small thin ones) on the pan. Yum!

  2. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    You can do it! Fresh, seasonal ingredients amp up any meal. A few herbs, good olive oil and you are good to go! Can’t wait to see photos.

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