Thoughts on Illegalities

Where I’m from in the United States, it gets hot.

Real hot.

Like, take your car down the driveway to get the mail during the summer hot.

Avoid turning on the oven at all costs hot.

Freeze your booty off every time you enter a store since they’ve cranked the AC so high hot.

For that reason, it’s not completely illegal in all states, but very much ill-advised to lock your pet or child in a car for any length of time, even with the windows cracked (actually, there are only laws on the books in 14 states for pets and in 19 states for kids). Don’t believe me? Watch this video to see how scary it can get for these defenseless creatures.

Every summer, you hear heart-breaking stories of toddlers dying from heat stroke while their parents popped into the grocery store for only a few minutes, and it’s really been pounded into my head to never do such a thing. In the states, I’ve been known to call the police and stand by the vehicle until they arrived to get dogs out.


On my ten-minute walk to the bank today, I saw two dogs and one infant (!!) in various parked cars. Yes, I understand that it’s about 58 degrees and shady here today, but it still makes me involuntarily twitch every time I hear a puppy barking from inside a tiny Clio. Here, I know I probably shouldn’t do that, but it still really freaks me out.

Any advice on how to keep myself from yelling at unsuspecting French drivers if I see this again?



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