Market Haul on a Cold Day in Normandy

It’s Saturday, and you know what that means here in France:

Market Day!!

The day to see and be seen by everyone in town, gather all of the produce needed for the upcoming week, and generally just stroll around the neighborhood. Today was super rainy, so I was afraid to take my nice camera to the market, but I promise that pictures will come as soon as I can get them.

I didn’t need a ton of groceries this week, since I’ve still got quite a bit of leftovers in my fridge from the past few days. Last week, when my vocabulary skills failed me and I accidentally asked for a chou blanc instead of a chou fleur, I got saddled with a giant head of cabbage. Cabbage is something I’m pretty sure I’ve never eaten on purpose, let alone cooked, so I did what any well-adjusted, independent, young woman would do at this stage.

I called my mommy.

Mom told me to open the windows, boil that stuff down with salt and butter, and hope for the best. Well, it worked, and luckily, it turns out that I like cabbage. I also used the leftover water for the base of a depression-era vegetable stock made by boiling up potato peels and the scraps of the past week’s zucchini, onion, and carrot odds and ends. Economical and delicious.

I also roasted some sweet potatoes and cooked up some lentils, of which I have more than enough to last me for a few more days. It’s not particularly French to cook large batches of meals to eat throughout the week, but hey, I’m doing what I can.

Boiled lentils and cabbage with roasted sweet potatoes and cheesy baguette.

Boiled lentils and cabbage with roasted sweet potatoes and cheesy baguette.


So, long story short, this morning’s trip to the market was more of a maintenance trip than a large haul, but you can still see what I got and how I’ll plan on using it. This is a bit of an unusual post for me, so let me know if you like it and if you’d like to see more of it!

My haul from this morning's market.

My haul from this morning’s market.

2 sweet potatoes

1/2 kilo of white potatoes

4 bananas

3 tomatoes

big ol’ pot of honey (should last me for the month)

1/4 kilo of dates

This all cost me almost exactly €10, or $13.50. With the addition of some individual yogurts and a baguette bought on the way home, I’ve got breakfast and dinner for the next week for under €15.

My usual breakfast is a few cups of hot tea, baguette/jam or yogurt, and a piece of fruit.

Dishes for dinners this week will include lentils and cabbage, pasta with homemade tomato sauce, mashed sweet potatoes, creamy lentil soup, and vegetable soup. Any ideas on other combinations I can make with some of these ingredients?


3 comments on “Market Haul on a Cold Day in Normandy

  1. Joe McFalls says:

    From Mom..thanks for the shout out! LOL. Try French toast with fruit, potato cakes and grilled cheese with tomato soup. Love today’s post! Xoxo

  2. Joe McFalls says:

    Sounds like a great day! Only two more days and you go back to work. Are you energized? I hope it stops raining there.

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