Teachers Hate Mondays, Too

I thought going back to school after a long holiday was difficult enough for students…

turns out it’s just as not-fun for teachers!

Even though it’s been a bit tough to wake up before 8 AM and focus the past few days, it’s been great to see everyone again and to have a delicious lunch cooked for me by the cafeteria guys every day. I’ve spent most of my classes recapping what we worked on before the break, as it seems that getting a holiday lobotomy is a universal ritual, but the students are pretty much back on track now that it’s Thursday.

I also thoroughly enjoyed being interviewed by the local newspaper (!!) at a soirée that was organized by several of the high school administrators as a way for all of the assistants to get to know each other on Tuesday night. Good thing we’ve already been here for over a month and the seven of us already hang out all the time. Ah well, it was only exactly as awkward as it sounds, and at least we got free cider and cheese.

I had a field trip on Wednesday, which will warrant its own post later on, but the rest of my week has been blissfully uneventful! All in all, a relatively smooth re-entry into the working world.

Next vacation: 39 days until Christmas break!!

But who’s counting?





2 comments on “Teachers Hate Mondays, Too

  1. Joe McFalls says:

    Sounds like you are back in the swing of things. I am anxious to hear about the field trip. You mean they have cafeteria “guys” in France? I’m just used to lunch ladies at school. Is the newspaper interview on line? Dad

    • kcenroute says:

      French cooking is still very much male-dominated, even in the cafeteria world! There are many more men than women in the cantine.
      The newspaper interview isn’t online, but I’ll scan a copy. 🙂

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