Market Haul, Y’all

It was cold but all blue skies yesterday: all the occasion I needed to be happy! I hit up the market as usual and picked up a decent amount while meandering through the stalls.

Here’s what I got:


1/2 kilo of carrots

1 head of broccoli

6 tomatoes

1 kilo of apples

1 baguette and 10 chouquettes: mini sugared pastry puffs that are beyond delicious

I also got a bag of salad, a bar of chocolate, cereal, and sugar at the little grocery store beside the farmers’ market.

All this cost about ten bucks and will be more than enough to get me through a week’s worth of breakfasts and dinners with the potatoes, mushrooms, and cabbage from last week that I seriously need to work with soon.

This week, I’m going to make a tartiflette in my continuing effort to learn how to cook classic French cuisine. I ate one of these fancy hashbrown casseroles to the nth degree on Saturday night with a colleague and his family, and it was beyond delicious.

Sunday morning was all about eating fantastically fattening food, too. In our second (and now traditional) Sunday brunch, the assistants made pancakes and mimosas and noshed on every other possible bread product we could find. Toast, brioche, tortilla chips, cake, and cookies: you name it, we can eat it.

A wonderful new tradition, indeed.


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