How To Cure Jetlag

Bonne Année à tout le monde et mes meilleurs voeux pour le nouvel an!

I spent a wonderfully relaxing Christmas break chez moi in the USA and just got back to Normandy this weekend. This morning, I greeted my friends with cheek kisses, squeals, and belated presents brought across the ocean, but before all of that, there was yesterday.


Having dragged my bags and myself home from the train station on Saturday afternoon after the usual schlep across the Atlantic, the struggle was real. But then Sunday appeared, and brought with it the chance of a Useless Day. A day with nothing to do except a few loads of laundry and the basic maintenance needed for one’s own survival. Don’t you just love those?

Copious amounts of hot tea and an emotional reunion with my MacBook helped the struggle situation, and I awoke on Monday morning with my jetlag a thing of the past. Back to work!

Here’s to a mostly productive 2014 with a few Useless Days thrown in for fun.




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