Bon Appétit: A 5-Day Series

I’ve written about how much I love French food, and (let’s be honest) food in general quite a bit over the past few years, and you’ve seen more than a few pictures of my most memorable meals.

This week, the blog will feature a series of food posts, and I’ll be showing you exactly what I get to eat every day at my school’s cantine, or cafeteria. We’ll look at several cafeteria food-related subjects and discuss more of the French school system in general. I hope you’re excited to see more of this gourmande’s daily nosh fest.

Be sure to come back here every day this week for another update! Bon Appétit!

Day One: An Introduction To The French Lunch

Day Two: My American Lunch Experience

Day Three: No Meat, Please

Day Four: Paying For It

Day Five: The End Of The Meal


One comment on “Bon Appétit: A 5-Day Series

  1. […] very excited for the first day of this Bon Appétit series. As I mentioned yesterday, each day will highlight my own lunch as well as one facet of French school lunches. Let me know […]

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