Les Petits Bonheurs

While reflecting more about being blessed/lucky and the contentedness that I felt when listing out the reasons I have to be happy earlier this week, I decided it would an interesting exercise to actively document my happiest moments for the next month. Anyone who has a tendency toward anxiety or depression knows that it can sometimes be basically impossible to see the wonderful things about life that are right under your nose. Personally, I’m a heck of a cynic even when I’m not feeling low. It’ll be hard, but I’m hoping that writing down a positive moment or little blessing each day will remind me to be more appreciative of my world.

A quick Google search for “happiness counter 30 days record” led to tons of websites that invite users to upload testimonies and photos about the happy little things in their days. I won’t be using an official site; rather, I’m simply going to keep a computer file of mini-journals and photos to keep track of my own assignment.

Would you be interested in reading or even participating in such a challenge? Again, these daily entries will be very short records of at least one thing that made me smile during the day. Let me know in the comments below if you think I should make the most notable moments public by writing them on this blog!


6 comments on “Les Petits Bonheurs

  1. C. Reinecker says:

    I certainly would enjoy it if you shared some of your moments/blessings with us. Our thoughts are with you and family.

  2. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    Yes! My spiritual guru, Nell Mohney, talks about an “attitude of gratitude.” I find it hard–if not impossible–to be depressed when I am expressing thanks–even for something small. I will try to accompany you on this journey for the next several days…thanks for the reminder!

  3. I think so! Add a ray of sunlight to our days, too 🙂 I’ve followed so I can enjoy them along with you.

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