30 Days of Happiness: BIG Announcement!

A very exciting, very happy thing has come to my attention:

Kaycee En Route has 101 subscribers.

Never did I imagine that this little travel blog, created to assure my parents that I hadn’t been kidnapped while studying abroad, would be read by anyone other than my family. I’m pretty pumped about the fact that over a hundred people have elected to receive an email every time I post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read about my daily life as an expat and validate this crazy thing I put into the cosmos.

Writing for you all has turned my head into a constant brainstorming center for interesting posts, but it’s also become a fabulous way to organize and reflect on my personal thoughts. For the past two years, this blog has talked me down from a few mental breakdowns, encouraged my creativity, and been a happy reminder of all the friends, family, and complete strangers who support me. Even though we may not interact as much as I’d like, thank you again for being there, staring at your computer, and reading.

Merci mille fois et grosses bises à tout le monde !






8 comments on “30 Days of Happiness: BIG Announcement!

  1. Mom says:

    Anthony Bourdain better look out!

  2. Rhonda Catanzaro says:

    Congratulations! Always a pleasure to read your blog–I learn something new! Hugs!

  3. Joe McFalls says:

    And congratulations for hitting the 100+ mark!

  4. Joe McFalls says:

    Thanks for writing! I’m glad you are still not kidnapped.

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