A Life in Ten Words or Less

NPR recently posted an article calling for all expatriates to submit their personal 10-word (or less!) statements on life as an expat. Of course, I sent in my sentence last night. You can check out the original post here.

Being the occasionally wordy writer that I am, ten words was a hard limit to stick to. Even more difficult was picking just one sentence to submit! Did the all powerful gods of NPR want profound or pithy; pop-culture specific or romantically vague? 

But what’s the point of managing your own blog if you can’t change the rules a little?  I thought it would be a nice exercise to limit myself to some one-line sentiments of life away from the States, and specifically of my day-to-day world in France. 

Here’s the brainstorm list of my ideas here, along with some photos from the past few weeks that I haven’t gotten around to posting yet.

The more alone I am, the more comfortable I feel.

I lie about never having tasted local delicacies so I can try them again.

Thursday drinks with the assistants

Thursday drinks with the assistants: my apologies for the iPhone picture.

I listen to This American Life when I’m homesick.

Aluna George concert

IS Tropical in concert

Jaywalking is my personal rebellion. America=freedom.

When no one knows my past, I create a new one.



If coffee is my lifeblood, then baguettes are my bones.


Clouds and Light at the American Cemetery

I’m beginning to think in French.

Naps on top of radiators are a dangerous but cozy necessity.

Church seats in Caen

Church seats in Caen

And the final one:

Headphones on: This American Life and Sweet Home Alabama loop.

What do you all think? Could you reduce your daily life into ten words or less? Let me know in the comments!