Cast of Characters

Kaycee-As author of this blog, I’m the heroine of our story here in France.

Chéri-My best friend, favorite farmer, dog whisperer, and husband. Did I mention he’s French?

Les Personnalités de la Normandie (The Various Personalities of Normandy)

Les Profs- I have the honor of working with a wonderful team of English teachers within the high school.  Though I was initially assigned to one teacher in particular, Anne, I work with the whole group, sometimes assisting them in their own classes or taking small groups or the entire class for myself. I spend a lot of time with the younger teachers, who are all fantastically welcoming.

Les Surveillants-Resident advisors, receptionists, gophers, and general child wranglers of the lycée. Surveillants are typically twenty-somethings who have higher-level degrees in various sects of education. These are the people I spend most of my time hanging around during the day while at work, since their office, La Vie Scolaire, is the hub of the school. Several of the surveillants have become my close friends and confidants while I  bother them at work.

Les Assistants-Three British assistants, four American assistants, and three Spaniards form the motley crew of language teachers in town. While we are spread out among multiple middle and high schools, these people have become my family here. We get together every few days to eat, go on adventures, and commiserate about the life that is being a foreigner in a small town.

La Famille d’Accueil à Tours (My Tours Host Family)

Laurent-Father, husband, sociology professor, and avid runner. Laurent expects a lot out of the kids but also has a good sense of humor and a talent for coming up with synonyms when I don’t understand a word.

Martine-Mother, wife, and chief worrier. Martine is stressed out-and rightfully so-she has one son learning to drive and another learning to floss between his braces.

Mathieu-The nicest 16-year-old boy I’ve ever met. Mathieu manages well with his parents and keeps me in the loop on techno music and French curse words.

Simon-Sweeter than sweet and more creative than most 12-year-olds I’ve met. Simon loves to pirouette around the house belting opera at the top of his lungs. He’s a fantastic artist and also shares my love of Nutella.


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